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SPCFZ Approved Auditors

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    SPCFZ Approved Auditors

    Sharjah Publishing City Free Zone (SPCFZ)

    Sharjah Publishing City (SPC) Free Zone was created in 2017 located in the Al Zahia area of Sharjah. The proximity of the ports to the city makes this one of the fastest-growing Free Zones in Sharjah. Sharjah Publishing City was the world's very first free zone that is dedicated to the world's printing and publishing industries and is also a premier location for investors and entrepreneurs. It is a part of Sharjah Book Authority. Sharjah Book Authority offers an array of integrated services for companies that aren't restricted to publishing but also other sectors. Sharjah Publishing City Freezone provides more than 1,500 business licenses which range from printing and publishing to consultancies, E-commerce, and information technology companies. SPCFZ approved auditors UAE are vital to ensure integrity and transparency in the financial system and compliance for businesses to prosper within this zone.

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    SPCFZ Approved Auditors

    Benefits of Sharjah Publishing City (SPC) Free Zone

    The Benefits of Establishing Your Company at Sharjah Publishing City (SPC) Free Zone Include:

    1. 1500+ business activities
    2. Trade license for a period that can be up to 10 years.
    3. Allowance to integrate the business activities of different sectors within your license.
    4. Dual licenses to establish an enterprise in the free zone and on the mainland of Sharjah.
    5. The hotel is situated near Sharjah and Dubai airports.
    6. The incorporation of a company takes the range of three-five (3-5) days.
    7. No need for NOC submission
    8. Sharjah's location is strategic and offers an easy connection to port along two different coastlines.
    9. Affordable cost for Sharjah company formation in the free zone
    10. Immigration services on-site
    11. World-class infrastructure
    12. Many offices to pick from
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    SPCFZ Approved Auditors

    Types of Licenses Issued by Sharjah Publishing City Free Zone

    The following are the four (4) kinds of licenses granted at Sharjah Publishing City Free Zone

    1. E-Commerce: With an Ecommerce license, you can operate your business through online sites both locally and across borders.
    2. Service: A license for Service permits you to run consultancy companies.
    3. Commercial: A commercial license permits you to trade virtually all types of products.
    4. General Trading: With a General Trading license, you can trade more specific items as well as other items of general use.

    The company structures that are available in the Sharjah Publishing City Free Zone include:

    1. The FZE (Free Zone Establishment): It is only allowed to have one shareholder (valid for either a corporation or an individual)
    2. FZCO (Free Zone Corporation): It can be a company with several shareholder (up to seven (7) and is valid for either an individual or corporate entity)
    3. Corporate Branch: SPC Free Zone allows the establishment of local branches (branch of an UAE company) and the possibility of an overseas branch (branch of a foreign business)

    SPCFZ Approved Auditors

    How do I obtain a license to operate in SPC Free Zone?

    The process of obtaining a license to set up a business at SPCFZ is easy. In audit.ae, we benefit from getting your company registered. We will guide you through the entire company creation process through the SPCFZ Approved auditors UAE.

    This is a step-by-step guideline to begin your own SPCFZ company:


    Step 1

    Request an estimate that is personalized and make the payment.


    Step 2

    Submit all relevant documents to the application.


    Step 3

    We will complete the application and then process the application through SPC Free Zone. A license is granted from SPC Free Zone within three to five (3-5) working days.

    SPCFZ Approved Auditors

    Documentation Required for Company Formation at (SPCFZ)

    Below is a complete list of the documents needed for establishing a company at SPCFZ.

    For each shareholder(s)

    1. The passport copy for that shareholder(s) as well as the manager(s)
    2. Residence visa Copy along with Emirates Identification number for the shareholder(s) or manager(s) (for UAE residents)
    3. Most recent UAE entry stamp/visit card Copy
    4. Passport-sized image from each shareholder(s) as well as the manager(s)
    5. Proof of address for your shareholder(s) as well as manager(s)

    For the corporate shareholder(s)

    1. Memorandum of Association (MOA) and Articles of Association (AOA)
    2. Business license for business
    3. Certificate of Incorporation
    4. Board Resolution
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    SPCFZ Approved Auditors

    Importance of Auditing in Sharjah Publishing City Free Zone in Dubai, UAE

    Free Zone Companies in Sharjah Publishing City must choose Sharjah Auditors of the Publishing City (SPC auditors) who have been approved by the Authority. Sharjah Auditors from the Publishing City must submit a report that explains whether the annual financials of a company are conformity with the regulations in force and whether they provide the correct and accurate depiction of the business when it comes to the balance sheet as well as the profit and loss accounts, and annual reports made on a consolidated basis. The audit report prepared by an SPC auditor as well as the annual accounts of the Free Zone Company Free Zone Company shall be given to the relevant Free Zone Department.

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    SPCFZ Approved Auditors

    Benefits of Appointing Approved Auditors in Sharjah Publishing City Freezone

    With a myriad of benefits including tax exemptions and strategically placed, incorporating the business with a location in Sharjah Publishing City will certainly be an attractive option. But the importance of the role of SPC auditors and accounting services within Dubai UAE is equally crucial to gain a competitive edge and increase credibility. An SPCFZ approved auditor UAE in Sharjah Publishing City can help assure that there is transparency and accuracy in accounts of businesses as well as ensuring that these documents are compliant with accepted international accounting standards as well as local laws. Accreditation for an SPCFZ approved auditor in dubai indicates that the business is trustworthy and increases the confidence of both investors and stakeholders. In addition, the deep understanding that comes from Sharjah Publishing City auditors is essential for making informed choices and avoiding risk.

    SPCFZ Approved Auditors

    audit.ae- Best SPCFZ Approved Auditors

    audit.ae is one of the most reputable accredited auditing firms in Sharjah Publishing City Audit.ae will not only give your business an edge but also enables it to achieve steady growth and gives you assurance of conformity. audit.ae offers exceptional Auditing Services in the UAE and its highly skilled auditors ensure that your company is compliant with international standards and local laws. They also serve as advisors to benefit you, assess your financial situation, spot the potential risks, and formulate effective strategies based on information.

    SPCFZ Approved Auditors

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Answers to your most common queries, conveniently compiled in one place.

    What is the function of SPCFZ certified auditors in the UAE?

    SPCFZ approved auditors in UAE are accountable to conduct audits on companies that operate in Sharjah Publishing City Free Zone. Sharjah Publishing City Free Zone to assure the compliance of rules and accounting standards.

    To be a SPCFZ certified auditor in the UAE A firm must meet the requirements established by the authority that runs the free zone and submit an application for approval, and go through an exhaustive review procedure.

    Hiring an SPCFZ certified auditor in the UAE assures your company’s financial statements are precise and meet the regulatory requirements and could benefit establish trust with the people who work for you and prevent fines for violations.

    The answer is yes, firms that operate out of Sharjah Publishing City Free Zone can employ a SPCFZ certified auditor in the UAE to audit their financial statements, if they want to demonstrate their compliance in accordance with SPCFZ regulations or request approval for specific business operations inside the Free Zone.